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2014 Youth As Partners
in Civic Leadership Conference

YPCL to the 10th Power

November 7-9, 2014

Camp Matawa, Campbellsport, WI

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word icon2014 Workshop Proposal Form


2013 Archived Information for Reference Only

pdf icon 2013 Conference Report (3 pp, 790 KB)
2013 YPCL Evalutation 2013 Conference Evaluation (11 pg, 248 KB)
2013 YPCL Evalutation Capture the Cause Evaluation (1 pg, 352 KB)

Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership 2012
YPCL 2012

Join Governor David Barreto at the 2013 Conference in November

2014 Youth As Partners
in Civic Leadership Conference

YPCL to the 10th Power

November 7-9, 2014

Camp Matawa, Campbellsport, WI

Like us on Facebook at YPCLWisconsin and we'll keep you updated.

For teams of high school youth and adults sharing decision-making roles in communities, schools, and organizations.

Who should attend: Teams of high-school-age youth (ages 14-18) and adults (21 or older) sharing decision-making roles in communities, schools and organizations. Groups are limited to 10 people with a preferred ratio of four youth to each adult.



2013 YPCL Program 2013 Program and Workshop List (3 pg, 328 KB) Updated October 25

pdf icon General Information (1 pg, 269 KB)

pdf icon Governor Nomination and Responsibilities - Consider nominating someone from your team.

Issue and Tactics Sessions led by Youth Groups Working in These Areas and more…

  • Healthy Lifestyles – healthy eating, going green, alcohol and other drug abuse prevention
  • Interpersonal Relationships – social media/cyber issues, teen pregnancy, healthy dating relationships
  • Diversity/Multicultural Engagement – issues related to race, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status
  • Ending Bullying and Youth Violence – gang violence, school to prison pipeline, working for better juvenile justice
  • Youth and Adult Power – working together on issues in education and politics

How to Register:

  1. Submit 2013 YPCL Scholarship App Scholarship Application (1 pg, 28 KB) optional – Due September 27, 2013
  2. Submit 2013 YPCL Team Registration form Team Registration (1 pg, 62 KB) – Due October 18, 2013
    To be completed by the team leader. Email or fax the Team Registration form to the 4-H Office. Send your Team Registration form ASAP since space is limited. Individual forms can follow by US mail, email or fax.
  3. Submit all individual forms to team leaders – Due October 18, 2013
    Both youth and adult forms are fillabe pdfs. Please print and sign after completion.
    2013 YPCL Youth Forms Youth forms (6 pg, 659 KB) – To be completed by all youth participants
    2013 Adult Forms Adult forms (4 pg, 655 KB) – To be completed by all adult participants (19 and over)
    Adults willing to be cabin chaperones must also complete a Volunteer Application.
    Volunteer Application Volunteer Application (1 pg, 76 KB) – Adults willing to stay in a youth cabin must complete the Volunteer Application to enable youth protection screening. If you were approved as a volunteer in a previous year, you do not need to complete this again.

If you'd like to present:

Complete and send the word icon Presenter Proposal Form (1 page) for review by the program committee to

YMCA Camp Matawa driving directions at

Accommodations: The conference maximizes the camp atmosphere with a mixture of learning, fun and building connections. Workshops and activities are hosted in informal meeting rooms, the lodge hall and dining area.

Overnight lodging is in heated cabins with single-sex bathrooms with separate shower stalls. Up to 14 people per single sex unit. Cabins may combine gendered units (boys and girls on opposite sides of common areas.) Members of teams will be blended with other teams in cabins to promote fellowship. Supervision in cabins is male or female adults sleeping in the common area between units with bed checks throughout the nights. Bedding is required – bring your own pillow, sleeping bag or sheets/blankets. Take a tour of Camp Matawa

What to Bring List (1 pg, KB)

For more information on attending or presenting, contact:

pdf October Meeting Notes (1 page)

Summer Planning Meeting Notes Summer Planning Meeting Notes (5 pages)

April 13 Planning Meeting Notes from April 13 Planning Meeting (3 pages)

YPCL Governor Information

YPCL is a coalition of youth and adults representing state-wide organizations in Wisconsin that promote greater youth and adult involvement in civic life. More information about YPCL and its members is contained in this presentation: PowerPoint Icon (Power Point Presentation, 403kb)

YPCL's Mission is to advance youth voice in Wisconsin by increasing the capacity for youth and adults to share civic leadership in local communities, schools and state-level government bodies and organizations by:

Advocating for Youth Voice

Building Mentoring and Learning Opportunities


Participants on state at 2007 YPCL Conference

2012 YPCL Program

2011 Conference Information

2010 YPCL Conference Planning Committee Page

2010 Conference Planning Information

2008 YPCL Highlights

2007 YPCL Highlights

YPCL Conference, October 19-21, 2007, Green Lake Wisconsin

2007 Conference Program
The conference brought together teams of mature youth and adults who work together in communities, schools, advocacy efforts, and other civic leadership activities.

2005 Conference Agenda (3 pages, 100 kb)
YPCL organized the "Walking the Talk" 3-day conference in November 2005 at the Green Lake Conference Center. 117 youth and 56 adults participated in community youth-adult teams. Most workshops were led by youth and adults, including state legislators and city administrators. Youth-adult teams created 24 community plans.