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Douglas County Youth in Governance Programs

  • Youth in Governance activities include youth serving on the Superior City Council and Douglas County Board of Supervisors. Youth involved in Superior Days serve on the Youth Delegation and lobby government and agency officials about issues pertaining to Northwest Wisconsin. Youth also serve on community boards, such as United Way or the Murphy Oil Advisory Board. UW-Extension, 4-H Youth Development provides resources and support to all of these programs including recruitment, training and evaluation.
  • Douglas County Community Youth Development collaborates with local government and community organizations to provide opportunities for youth to serve in decision making positions. These efforts include Superior, a Community for Youth Committee which is a youth-adult partnership that provides resources and support for any youth wishing to address an idea, concern, or issue.
  • Beginning in 1998, youth worked with UW-Extension to create a very successful skate park, often used by more than 100 youth per day. From this beginning model of youth-adult partnership, youth serve in many meaningful roles in the county:

    - Youth serve on the Superior City Council, give a report, participate in debate and cast advisory votes
    - Youth serve on the Douglas County Board, give a report at each meeting, receive expense reimbursement, participate in debate and cast advisory votes
    - Youth are involved in key groups, such as United Way of Superior/Douglas County

  • 4-H Afterschool groups are leading a community campaign to raise awareness of environmental responsibility for Lake Superior water quality. 4th and 5th grade students meet weekly to learn about the lake and plan activities. They conducted water quality research, renovated rain gardens and conducted public outreach through a wide range of media, reaching over 650 youth and 120 adults in the community.
  • Through participation in Superior Days, a grassroots lobbying initiative, 47 high school youth from six counties lobbied with adults to promote issues of Northwestern Wisconsin to state legislators. Youth Delegates helped to identify regional issues and then educated state elected officals about the need for funding of the new academic building at UW-Superior and education issues with the Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Technical College Board.

WORD Superior Days Impact Report (1 pg, 67.0 kb)

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