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Youth as Partners in Civic Leadership


2010 YPCL Planning

word iconMarch 6, 2010 face-to-face planning meeting notes





Past Conferences

2008 YPCL Conference Website

2008 Conference Planning Committee

Word icon Teleconference Notes September 18

Word icon Budget Update

Word icon Recruitment and Ambiance Team Notes and Task List September 18 (4 pages, 75 kb)


Word icon 2008 Registration form.v2 mc.doc (2 pages, 2 MB)

Word icon 2008 Program Preview mc.doc (2 pages, 2 MB)

Word icon Conference Program (updated July 29) (2 pages, 65 kb)

Word icon YPCL Committee Member List (updated 7/29, 1 page, 44 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon Notes from February 16, 2008 Planning Meeting (3 pages, 43 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon March 20 Teleconference Notes (2 pages, 30 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon April 17 Teleconference Notes (2 pages, 46 kb)

Microsoft Word IconMay 15 Teleconference Notes (1 page, 25 kb)

Microsoft Word IconJune 19 Teleconference Notes (3 pages, 35 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon July 17 Teleconference Notes (2 pages, 27 kb)


Microsoft Word IconResults of Program Committee Workshop Poll (1 page, 40 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon Draft of Workshop Proposal Form

Microsoft Word Icon Recruitment/Ambiance Committee Notes April 7 (2 pages, 36 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon Program Committee Notes March 19 (1 page, 26 kb)

Word icon Program Committee June Update (2 pages, 33 kb)

Microsoft Word Icon Issues Survey for 2008 Conference (2 pages, 31 kb)


Adult-youth planning meeting

YPCL Conference, October 19-21, 2007, Green Lake Wisconsin

2007 Conference Program

The conference brought together teams of mature youth and adults who work together in communities, schools, advocacy efforts, and other civic leadership activities.

YPCL organized the "Walking the Talk" 3-day conference in November 2005 at the Green Lake Conference Center. 117 youth and 56 adults participated in community youth-adult teams. Most workshops were led by youth and adults, including state legislators and city administrators. Youth-adult teams created 24 community plans. Microsoft Word Icon 2005 Conference Agenda (3 pages, 100 kb)