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4-H Gateway Academy

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation has developed a summer curriculum for Middle School students to introduce them to engineering concepts and careers. 

In Wisconsin UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development is coordinating 4-H Gateway Academies in selected school districts. 

The 4-H Gateway Academies are fully funded one week day camps for middle school students which include a hands-on project based curriculum, team building, meals, t-shirts, field trips.   The teachers have been trained in PLTW and use their skills and knowledge to engage middle school youth in a variety of activities. 4-H staff in the counties contribute team building activities and logistical assistance to the camp.

During the week, campers work together in a fun, exciting environment using leading-edge technologies to sample such disciplines as robotics, aeronautics and computer design.

The 4-H Gateway Academy is a joint venture of 4-H Youth Development, UW-Extension, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation, the Kern Family Foundation and local school districts.

4-H Gateway Academy Materials

word icon4-H Gateway Academy Checklist (2 pages, 18 KB) This is a document for schools and educators that explains many requirements and deadlines for the 4-H Gateway Academy.

word iconSample 4-H Gateway Academy Newsletter (1 page, 23 KB) This is a newsletter ready document to promote the 4-H Gateway Academy.

word icon 4-H Gateway Academy Promotional Flyer (1 page, 2 MB) This is another media release that can be adapted and used in local papers or news letters to promote the 4-H Gateway Academy. (Microsoft Publisher Document)

4-H Gateway Academy Final Report This is a link to the final report required by 2011 4-H Gateway Academy sites. Submit online and send copy to Joanna Skluzacek.

word iconMedia Alert Example (2 pages, 732 KB) This can be sent to local media outlets telling them about the 4-H Gateway Academy.

word icon 4-H Gateway Academy Registration Brochure (2 pages, 230 KB) This is a 2 page brochure that can be used to promote the 4-H Gateway Academy in your county or school.

word icon4-H Gateway Academy Registration (1 page, 87 KB)
One-page registration form used by UW-Extension and 4-H.

Gateway Academy Brochure from PLTW (2 pages, 4.83 MB) This color brochure can be used to promote a Gateway Academy. It does not include any references to 4-H or UW-Extension.

word iconSample Letter to Send to Families Interested in 4-H Gateway Academy (1 page, 66 KB) This letter created by Tracy Strother might be adapted and sent to families who have expressed interest in the 4-H Gateway Academy.

word iconOpen House Invitation (( 1 page, 24.5 KB) This letter can be revised and sent to parents, school adminstrators, local legislators and others who might be invited to an Open House.

word icon Letter Encouraging Families to Enroll in the 4-H Gateway Academy (1 page, 26.5 KB) This letter can be sent to specific youth or families inviting them to enroll in the 4-H Gateway Academy.

word icon Spokesperson Talking Points (1 page, 1.02 MB) These notes might be used to explain and describe a 4-H Gateway Academy and the need for STEM educaiton to interested parties.

word icon Confirmation Letter for 4-H Gateway Academy Enrollment (1 page, 27 KB) This letter can be sent to youth and families to confirm their enrollment and provide details on the upcoming 4-H Gateway Academy.


Camper evaluations are used on the final day of the 4-H Gateway Academy experience.

Guardian evaluations can be sent home with youth the first day of camp to be returned the last day of camp.

word iconConsent form for evaluation (1 page, 86 KB) This form must be read to youth before the evaulation is distributed.

word iconCamper Evaluation (2 pages, 20 KB)

word iconGuardian/Parent Evaluation (1 page, 77 KB)

word iconTeacher Evaluation (1 page, 75 KB)