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Welcome New Colleagues

By Kandi O'Neil
Associate State 4-H Program Director/Volunteer Specialist
Published: 6/22/12

This past week, the liaison team was excited to meet and work with our new colleagues at the 4-H Youth Development Fundamentals Training. Our colleagues bring a wealth of experience and passion for 4-H Youth Development work. Please join us in welcoming them!
The liaison team wants to thank county colleagues and state specialists that assisted with making the training opportunity a success. County colleagues who co-taught and/or served as panel members included: Annie Lisowski, Karen Nelson, Judy Kennedy and Barb Barker. State Specialists who taught included; Matt Calvert, Joanna Skluzacek and Jessica Jens. In addition, Christine Curley, Disability Specialist from the Office of Inclusion, UW Colleges and UW-Extension and Yvonne Horton, Associate Dean and Associate Director and Interim State Program Director, 4-H Youth Development each taught individual sessions. 
A very special thank you to Lori Murphy for preparing all the materials for the training and working with the logistics. Thank you to Terry Boehner who helped with additional support materials. Lastly, thank you Doris and all the Upham Woods staff for hosting fundamentals.
Kandi, JulieAnn, Marie, John and Frank


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