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2014 State 4-H Meats Contest
February 15, 2014
Muscle Biology Lab

Additional information can be found at the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program Website. Newsrelease, pictures, rules, etc..

Explanation of result columns: First six columns are the placing classes worth 50 points each. The "Questions" column is a total of all 30 questions with a possible total of 150 pts. "Carcass 1-3" column is a total of the first thre carcasses and their quality grades - a possible 30 points. The same is true with the yield grades in the next column. "Carcass 4-5" is the same thing with the quality column first and followed by the yield grade column. These two columns have a possible 20 points each. The "Written Exam" column is the Labeling Exercise 10 questions at 5 points each. The remaining columns are the ID section divided by 8 retail IDs in a column. Possible points are 48 per column. the last 2 columns are a bit different. "Column Meat ID 25-32 had 6 retail cut IDs at 6 points possible and then two processed meats ID at 5 points each, so apossible of 46 points in this column. The final column "Meats ID 33-40" was all processed meats ID and a possible of 40 points. Hope this helps to interpret how well the contestants did in the contest.

also check out Bernie O'Rourke's Youth Livestock website at:

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