4-H is the nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization; in Wisconsin, more than 150,000 youth in urban, suburban and rural settings are involved with 4-H and other UW-Extension youth programs. Youth from five-year kindergarten to one year past high school can learn important life skills like leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and communication to help prepare them for successful futures – and they do it while engaging in fun, hands-on 4-H activities!

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development’s 16,000 adult volunteers serve as mentors and role models for 4-H’ers. They help provide a safe, interactive place for youth to take risks, practice their independence and master new skills. And adults who volunteer for 4-H take a lot away from their experiences – volunteers learn and strengthen skills that help them in the workplace and become better connected to their communities.

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Find 4-H Near You

There are Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development opportunities available in nearly every community in the state. Whether you’re looking for a traditional community club experience or a special-interest activity like day camps or 4-H Afterschool, your county UW-Extension office can help you find the right opportunity for you and your family.